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Our new charity partner in Calcutta, The Hope Foundation’s mission statement is that it should never hurt to be a child. Since 1999 they have worked tirelessly in Calcutta to take children off the streets and give them food, care, education and most importantly, a sense of love and worth.

The Hope Foundation is dedicated to promoting the protection of street and slum children in Calcutta and the most underprivileged in India. HOPE works to effect immediate and lasting change in their lives.

By extending support to children and their communities via 60 on the ground projects, HOPE provides sustainable holistic solutions to protection and development. By providing healthcare, counselling and education, HOPE ensures children in its care enter adulthood equipped with the tools and support they need to live healthy and happy lives.

The funds from this year’s event will go to projects like the following:

Child Watch: This project involves night rounds for the rescue, placement, restoration and rehabilitation of vulnerable children, where ambulances patrol the areas at night.

Kasba Girl’s Home: Girls below 14 years of age rescued from vulnerable situations on the streets are provided for holistically. The girls also engage in recreational activities, while residing in a safe, child-first environment.

Ashbribad Boys Home: Boys over 10 years of age who are rescued from Kolkata’s dangerous streets and slums are provided with a safe and protective shelter, with a loving and caring environment in which they can call home.

To date HOPE has helped over 2.3 million people. The Calcutta Run is proud and excited to enter into this new charity partnership in 2017.

For further information: www.hopefoundation.ie

The Hope Foundation


Peter McVerry Trust provides a wide range of services including homeless and housing services, drug treatment and detox services as well as under-18 residential services to the homeless in Dublin. The number of children recorded as experiencing homelessness in February is 2,546 (total in Ireland including adults is 7,421). It is vital that we continue supporting Peter McVerry and his team to ensure the homeless are cared for.

Among the services provided by Peter McVerry Trust is the Residential Community Detox, where individuals can detox from methadone. The facility is extremely important in helping people move away from reliance on methadone to live a drug free life and is a vital step for many homeless people on their journey towards independent living.

This is among the facilitiessupported for many years by the Calcutta Run which has helped to purchase the building, refurbish it and to pay for staff costs which includes nurses, a GP, psychologist counsellors and a number of project workers. Peter McVerry Trust is extremely grateful for the support given by the Calcutta Run and run participants.

Further information: www.pmvtrust.ie